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"My consultant Nick walked me through the entire process. His team quickly removed 6 negative records from my report in the first 60 days of service. My credit score jumped 80 points and I was able to close on my home loan with a considerably lower rate."

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Free Consultation-Start with a FREE credit report analysis. We want to know exactly what is causing your credit problems. Every report and scenario is unique. In order to fix your credit we will need to review the details with you. You will deal with the same consultant from Day 1 to ensure you receive the best service possible. If you don't already have a credit report, we can order one for you.

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Want to Fix your credit? Bad credit is not a permanent situation. With the help of our Certified consultants in we will show you the proper steps needed to improve your scores and remove negative records. Here at Key Credit we have a proactive team of experts that helps each and every client attain the credit score that they deserve. Credit Repair Inglewood, CA we offer professional services custom tailored to your specific situation. Call our credit consultants today for your free, no-obligation consultation. The consultation is completely FREE of charge. If you don't have a credit report we can order one for you.

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Certified FICO Score Professional

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